Pining for the Influenster VoxBox: Is It Worth It?

The Influenster VoxBox.
The Influenster VoxBox

“You’re Getting a VoxBox!”, “Guess what?! You’re in!”, “You’re In!” Those are the words that every person on Influenster wants to hear.

As soon as I joined Influenster in September of 2019, I had one goal–to get a VoxBox. Every time I Googled about the VoxBox or read comments on the Influenster social media pages, that is what everyone talked about. Comments ranged from: I love my VoxBox! to Why have I never been picked for a VoxBox? There were those lucky to receive a few VoxBoxes and were gloating with excitement. Then there were also those who had never received one, even after a year or more of being on Influenster.

From the time I signed up to be part of the Influenster community seven months ago, I have received three VoxBoxes. I was actually surprised that I got one pretty fast. Although I had completed a couple of surveys that did not result in a VoxBox, I was pretty happy when I finally got one in February–five months later.

Two of the three VoxBoxes I received had one product in it and one box had three products in it. The first VoxBox had a full size can of L’Oreal Paris Magic Root Cover Up ($10.99), which I still use. I wrote a blog post about it. The second VoxBox I received had a full size jar of Shiseido Benefiance Smoothing Eye Cream ($70), which I loved and just finished using. Click here to read the review I wrote.

The third VoxBox I received had three products: a full size tube of Gold Bond Ultimate Neck & Chest Age Defense Cream ($9.88), a full size bag of Lemi Shine Dishwasher Pods ($3.97), and one Smashmallow Cookie Dough marshmallow snack. The only disappointment was receiving just one marshmallow sample to review. It was gone too fast, I had to quickly think about every single bit of it to review. But they included a coupon for a full bag with the sample, so I will get to snack on a bag to get the full experience!

I have had a great experience so far, but I recently learned that this experience could have been even better. I discovered that I could have received a total of five VoxBoxes instead of three! I made a big mistake. I will explain later in this post.

Pining for the VoxBox

A VoxBox is a box full of amazing new products sent to you to try and review for brands on social media, such as makeup, skincare, and home products. Everybody wanted one, including me. But it seemed as if, for some, it was very difficult to get selected. That would have been a discouragement for me to join, but those VoxBoxes looked amazing and I was determined to get some experience posting for brands on social media. It seemed like the easiest avenue to accomplish that because I did not have a large social media following. Although I could reach out to brands directly, I did not feel that I had the influence yet to market myself. Therefore, I set out to give Influenster a try.

Influenster HomePage

How does Influester work?

Influenster is a free platform for people who are interested in receiving free products in return for an honest review. Sometimes the brand wants a written review on a website (such as Sephora, Walmart, etc.), a post and or story on one social media platform, or posts on several social media platforms. That may not be it, but that has been my experience so far.

After you sign up on Influenster, you get “snaps” on your profile with questions divided in categories (such as makeup, wellness, pets, etc) that inquire about products you have used. Those “snaps” then lead to a request to review the products/services you have shared you have used. These reviews help Influenster to know more about you and match you with products. However, I think there are other factors also taken into consideration, such as demographics and how many social media accounts you connect to your profile.

I imagine that the brands that partner with Influenster have a marketing goal and audience to reach. So, even if you really like their product and reviewed it, if their goal for their new product does not include your age group, location, etc. that may be factored in who gets selected to the campaign. Note, this is is just my thought and not based on anything factual.

When there is a new product to review, Influenster sends an email to potential candidates usually titled, “Are you the perfect fit for our next campaign?” In that email, you are told that you are on the short list and then have the option to opt in to take a survey to further qualify if you may be a fit for that campaign.

During the survey, if you are a fit, you are asked if you would like to opt in for the product or products they just asked you about. If you opt in then you are asked to verify your address. At the end, the survey let’s you know that if you are selected you will receive an email right away. However, I have never received an email right away. The box just comes or I get an email much later that says, “Guess what?! You’re in!”

When you receive your VoxBox, you check it in to your Influenster App, where there are instructions. There, Influenster lets you know what social media platforms they would like for you to post your review on and what hashtags you are asked to include on each post.

Missed VoxBoxes!

I am so glad that I decided to write about Influester’s VoxBoxes because in the process I discovered that I had missed some of their emails. As I was pulling up my emails to write this blog post, I learned that I missed reading some emails that invited me to participate in three campaigns! Two of them were not even surveys, they had already handpicked me for the campaign! I just had to opt in and then verify my address.

The first one was only 19 days after I signed up for Influenster! To add insult to injury, it was not even a survey, they had already selected me to review a product. They just needed me to Opt In and confirm my address. It was an opportunity to review L’Oreal’s Age Perfect Cell Renewal Rosy Tone Cream, which I would have totally said yes to it! The second one was also the same! It was not a survey, they had already selected me to review a product. This time it was a Krusteaz baking mixes product. Again, I would have loved to have the opportunity to review it!

I thought back at what was happening during that period and it was just chaotic! During that period, my son got sick multiple times from daycare and then a raccoon gnawed its way into our home through the roof. The later was a nightmare! The raccoon was stuck in our attic so we had to get it out, then it rained and water came in through the hole the raccoon made, then mold set in, and then all three of us got sick from it. The the racoon came back! But, most of my attention during that period was at my mom. She was diagnosed with breast cancer and had surgery a week after that. I had to travel to Texas and, well, nothing else mattered. So, my mind was occupied with a million things!

Although I likely would not have responded to some of those emails during that crazy period, I have added the Influenster email as a VIP on my iPhone. This puts a star next to the email when I receive it and adds it to my VIP emails. So now I won’t miss any of them and I can at least respond.

Is Influenster worth joining?

I think so! If you like to receive free full sized products that you can try and then review online, this is a great program to do that. The products are full size and can range from over the counter brands to high-end brands and from home items to beauty items. If you are an aspiring social media influencer, this is also a fantastic platform to get your experience posting for brands.

I have been lucky. I have greatly enjoyed every single product that Influenster has sent me to review. So I consider all of my VoxBoxes winners.

This past week I received an email for an Influenster campaign for which I am on the short list again. There were a lot of the products involved and almost all of the products are high end cosmetics, like Dior! I am a beauty and skincare junkie, so this is the money survey to me! This is the second time I complete an email for high end makeup or skincare products. The last time nothing came of it, so I am crossing my fingers that this time I get selected!

Want to join Influenster? Click here!

Comment if you would like me to review the VoxBox if I get selected!

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