Welcome to My Blog!

Thank you for your interest in my blog! What Mama Loves was born out of my desire to share with others anything I have seen, used, tasted, prepared, enjoyed or purchased that I have loved. What I would share with my friends and family is what I will share here…with you.

Some examples include: places I recommend, destinations I’ve traveled, restaurants I recommend, kid-friendly establishments, hacks I swear by, delicious and easy recipes to prepare, and nonprofit work I admire. I will also talk about home and personal products I’ve personally enjoyed and recommend, as well as those that my family has benefitted from. Of course, I love my family, so I will tell you a little about us as well so that you can get to know who we are along the way.

A little bit about myself. I have been married for nearly five years to Scott and we have one cute as a button little boy named Jason—our biggest blessing and joy. I am originally from Texas, but have spent a good part of my life living in Chicago and now in its suburbs. I am a working mama with two masters degrees who has dedicated her career to raising money for several admirable nonprofit organizations. I am passionate about Chicago, my home state of Texas, the Blackhawks, my home and family, watching my son grow, traveling, warm weather, a great meal and my husband’s whiskey mules.

I look forward to sharing my love with you!

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