I Would Have Never Thought

Three years ago, my husband and I were vacationing in San Francisco having the most amazing time. From a day trip to Napa Valley to watching the Chinese New Year parade, we enjoyed great meals and delicious wines throughout our stay. We never imagined that a few months later we would be expecting a child—a dream for us. Up until the day I gave birth, we were worried that something may happen—that kind of worry that never leaves couples who struggle to conceive. What if I have complications during birth? What if my son has complications, or worse, what if I have a stillbirth? But everything went well, just like my pregnancy. No scares, and with the exception of nausea during my pregnancy, I never got sick. Our son was born healthy and so beautiful! I had a successful recovery and just like that, we became parents. Everything was a blur from that moment for the four months after that. Last week we celebrated our son Jason’s second birthday. Wow, two years! We have been parents for two years and I still can’t believe that I am a mom to the most amazing little boy. Every day I feel incredibly grateful and blessed that we were given the honor to be his parents.

So what is our son like? Well, Jason is a giggle fest for sure! He smiles and laughs a lot, likes saying hi to people, and loves to dance everywhere there is music. Thanks to the movie Madagascar, he currently loves to get down to I Like To Move It from Reel 2 Reel. He loves to play with balls, sharks, stickers, dinosaurs and to roar like a lion whenever he gets the chance! Jason is also a very sweet little boy who is the best welcome wagon, gives the biggest hugs, gives and blows kisses, and loves for us to read to him.

I would have never thought that today I would be a mom of a two year old who has a house with toys scattered all over the floor—literally! But I am careful to not curse the Lego pieces on the floor that are ready to hurt my feet because they also remind me that I was finally blessed with a child—the most beautiful little boy. I am very grateful.

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