Helpsters Help Your Kids Adjust to the New Normal

We are nearing two months since the stay at home order began in Illinois. But just as we are beginning to adapt to being at home, we must now prepare to slowly get out there. Except we will be heading back wearing masks, armed with hand sanitizer, keeping a distance from others, and, if necessary, wearing gloves. For children, it can be scary to step into this new environment.

When I learned about the new series, Helpsters Help You, which is created by the makers of Sesame Street, I was thrilled because the concept is brilliant and it is FREE for all families! Helpsters Help You is an Apple TV+ series of shorts that focuses on helping children solve problems and make plans when facing a challenge. It provides timely messages and activities for kids to assist them in the process of adjusting to a new normal–a time when they can no longer hug people, play with kids or go to places they used to enjoy.

Helpsters Help You offers newly created content that is aimed at positively impacting your child’s life in this new environment, while entertaining your child with a friendly and familiar gang of Sesame Street-style puppets. The series is available on both Apple TV+ and Apple TV, the latter which is available FREE! You can also download the episodes to your device to watch offline. So, if you are looking for something new to do with your kids, help is on the way palsies! 

What is Helpsters Help You About?

Helpsters Help You stars a team of vibrant monsters, the Helpsters, who love to help anyone with a problem. Each week, Cody, a monster, brings positivity, ingenuity and creativity to all her friends who are at home. Cody and the Helpsters share creative ideas for what to do when life doesn’t go as expected.

The series comes with a fun, engaging, Helpsters Help You activity book that you can download to give your kids additional ways they can help at home. The activity book has 35 pages of creative and fun activities for kids of various ages. I downloaded the coloring sheets because my two-year old son loves to color.

Some of the coloring pages from the activity book that my son colored

What Are the Episodes About?

My two-year old son and I watched the four free short episodes available right now on Apple TV. The episodes range from one to three minutes each, making them easy to watch. For the younger kids, like my son, the short length–as well as the friendly and familiar Sesame Street-style puppets, helped to keep him interested the entire time.

My son watching an episode of Helpsters Help You

Below are the free episodes we watched and the messages I took from each. The last one is a new episode that was just made available!

  • When Plans Change – Cody shares that a change in plans can easily be addressed by making new plans. If you can’t see your favorite tree because the park is closed, you can see the tree by using your imagination and making it with paper!
  • How to Be a Helpster – Monsters like to help people who need help. This episode helps children learn that they can also be contributors by doing things such as putting away clothes, cheering someone up, playing by themselves when someone needs alone time, or just asking someone how they can help.
  • Scavenger Hunt – Just because you can’t physically see and play with your friends does not mean that you can’t still play with them. Cody shares that you can still play with your friends via video chat by playing a scavenger hunt with her friend.
  • New! Bright Smiles & Hand Waves – Cody shares how she loves to give high fives and handshakes, but you can’t anymore if you are close. She shares that there is a new way to do the same by instead giving bright smiles and hand waves.

Share the Fun

Try out the activities with your family and share a photo/video of the fun on social media using the hashtag #HelpstersHelpYou. Below are various ways of sharing your kids fun with Helpsters Help You.

Overview of Helpsters Fun

As a mom, I am delighted to be a Helpster myself by helping to spread the word about this timely and much-needed resource for kids during this pandemic.

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