Learning About Kidney Health Can Be Fun For Kids

Today is Take Your Child to Work Day, but due to COVID-19, most kids have already been watching their parents work from home over the past month. Parents have not only been homeschooling, but also supplementing their child’s education to keep them busy with various activities.

I recently learned from Fresenius Medical Care North America about a new initiative they developed to teach children about kidney health. As families in the Chicago area and across the U.S. wonder how to keep their kids engaged at home, especially with many schools closed due to COVID-19, Fresenius is encouraging families to take part in The Kidney Kid initiative–a collection of virtual learning activities that teach children about kidney health.

The Kidney Kid is a team of superhero characters that take children on adventures to learn about their kidneys and how to keep them healthy. While it’s important to make sure children are entertained and educated during school closings, it is also critical to promote healthy behaviors from an early age. Kids often learn that you need a heart, brain and lungs to survive, but what about kidneys? You need one too!

Obesity is a primary risk factor for chronic kidney disease (CKD); 381 million children and adolescents aged 0-19 were overweight or obese in 2016, making it essential kids stay active and eat healthy to curb the risk of CKD. The Kidney Kid provides opportunities for children at home to get exercise, stay entertained, and gain awareness of their kidneys. The program offers a website, free smartphone app, and games for children ages 6-12, all of which include activities for children to learn and have fun with their parents or teachers trying to teach from a distance.

My son playing with the Kidney Kid app.

So if you are looking for something new to teach your child today, check out the Kidney Kid. Get your child started on learning about that fourth organ in the human body that is necessary for survival. Kidney Kid is not only keeping my munchkin entertained today, but also teaching him about his kidney. He may be two years old, but we are getting ahead of the game!

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