A New Source of Traffic Thanks to LadyBossBlogger

Nancy Grah

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Four weeks ago, I started a journey to learn how to make money with my blog. I took Elaine Rau’s LadyBossBlogger’s Start a Money Making Blog course and have since gained a significant amount of knowledge on making money with my blog. This information would have otherwise taken years of research and time for me to gather and make sense of it.

This is precisely why the, Start a Money Making Blog course exists. Elaine Rau knows exactly how much time it takes to learn everything necessary to succeed in making money through a blog. She summarizes it and explains it in the course in a way that someone who is a new blogger can understand it. 

Elaine covers every aspect of the process to achieve your end goal—make money with your blog. There are various ways to make money with your blog and with each of those ways, there is a strategy, process, and tools that are important to know and/or implement in order to increase your chances to succeed. You simply cannot wing it. From affiliate marketing to sponsored posts, there are various ways to get your blog positioned for success.

How Pinterest Boosted My Website Traffic

I started my blog in January of this year, therefore, I am still a pretty new blogger. My goal is to strengthen my blog’s foundation and develop strategies to increase my traffic and followers so that I can focus on writing on my blog and pursuing money-making opportunities for it. As a new blogger, I have several hurdles to get through. The biggest one right now is getting more traffic to my website. 

Elaine shared that Pinterest is not a social media platform, as most would think. Instead, it is a very powerful search engine when used properly. Since traffic is one of the biggest areas of improvement on my list, I chose to work on this first. So, I revived my old Pinterest account, re-named it to What Mama Loves, and began to pin photos from my blog posts. 

As a result, Pinterest has not only added a fourth source of much-needed traffic to my blog but also now accounts for 20% of it. I followed Elaine’s pinning tips and have now also increased my Pinterest monthly viewers from 13,000 to a whopping 149,000 monthly viewers.

A Course Made to Revisit 

There is so much information packed in this course—all very important to the success in monetizing your blog. I may have completed the course, but I will be going back to it numerous times as I implement several of the other things I learned. There are so many strategies I plan to implement and apps that I would like to check out to make my blogging journey easier and more efficient. 

I hope that this post and my previous post have given you some insight as to how amazing this course is! If you are thinking of starting a blog, are a new blogger or an experienced blogger who wants to start making money with your blog, I highly recommend this course. 

Head over to my Instagram page @whatmamaloves to find out who won the Lady Boss Blogger course giveaway!

Thank you @LadyBossBlogger and @Elaine Rau for sponsoring this post!

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