A Welcome and Goodbye from PLAY! by Sephora

It is no secret to my friends–and probably my husband–that I am skincare and beauty obsessed. I love hearing about new brands and new products and trying them out. With the beauty and skincare markets saturated with brands (new and old) and products for nearly everything and in various forms, it is hard to keep up with all of them and I can’t buy everything I want to try.

This is where samples and Sephora Favorites boxes come in very handy. They give me the opportunity to try brands or new products that I have been wanting to try as well as get introduced to some new ones. I had been relying on them to try different products, and, it’s also what probably helps me keep my Sephora VIB status. But recently, with being at home so much due to the stay at home order, I decided to try PLAY! by Sephora. At $10 a month, it sounded like a great deal.

I made it just in time for their April box. But shortly before receiving the box I received the news that it was going to be the last box. I was bummed because for $10 a month this was a great deal.

The April PLAY! by Sephora box listed on the Play! By Sephora webpage

The first photo you see what I received in the mail. Above is what the Sephora website shows the April box contains. However after viewing the video on the webpage, I learned that every PLAY! by Sephora box is different.

In my box I received IT Secret Sauce moisturizer, Belif Moisturizing Eye Bomb, Soy Face Cleanser, Make Up Forever Pencil in Mauve, Kat Von D Beauty lipstick samples, and MakeUp Eraser. I loved all of them except for the lipstick samples. They are too dark for my complexion. I would have loved to have received the Clinique lipgloss.

Overall, I am very pleased with my $10 PLAY! by Sephora box. I heard that Sephora is planning on replacing this box with a luxury box at $25 a month. I can’t wait to hear more about it!

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