What They Don’t Tell You About Toddlers

What does a hematoma, a busted lip, a scratched out cheek, and bruised forehead have in common? A toddler! I am not talking about an angry toddler, but rather a happy, sweet and active toddler who has no concept of what he is doing when he is playing. In this example, the victim is me and the toddler is my cute little munchkin. When I … Continue reading What They Don’t Tell You About Toddlers

I Would Have Never Thought

Three years ago, my husband and I were vacationing in San Francisco having the most amazing time. From a day trip to Napa Valley to watching the Chinese New Year parade, we enjoyed great meals and delicious wines throughout our stay. We never imagined that a few months later we would be expecting a child—a dream for us. Up until the day I gave birth, … Continue reading I Would Have Never Thought

When Sleep Deprivation Has No Shame

I am a new parent. So like other new parents, I am sleep deprived. I know this is common, so I am not worried—just sleepy. But lately I have been barely hobbling along every day. When I finally get some sleep, I fall hard—as if I had taken NyQuil or sleeping pills. And my husband’s loud snoring? It doesn’t even matter! I just sleep through … Continue reading When Sleep Deprivation Has No Shame

Welcome to My Blog!

Thank you for your interest in my blog! What Mama Loves was born out of my desire to share with others anything I have seen, used, tasted, prepared, enjoyed or purchased that I have loved. What I would share with my friends and family is what I will share here…with you. Some examples include: places I recommend, destinations I’ve traveled, restaurants I recommend, kid-friendly establishments, … Continue reading Welcome to My Blog!